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Confidentiality Policy

Everyone who works at the GP surgery and anywhere in the NHS is bound by a confidentiality policy. All information about patients is confidential from the most sensitive problems you want to discuss with a Doctor or Nurse, from letting anyone know you have visited the surgery or being registered at the surgery as a patient.
The duty of confidentiality owed to a person under 16 is the same as the duty owed to any other person. All patients can expect that their personal information will not be shared without their permission except in certain circumstances, when someone is at serious risk of harm.

We Offer a Confidential Service

We are here to listen not to tell.
We will not tell anyone about your visit, including teachers, your friends or family members whether you are 16 or over 16.
Any information taken at your visit will be kept securely and confidentially.
If you have any worries or questions about confidentiality please do not hesitate to ask us.

Fraser Compentency

If you are under 16, the GP will be able to see and treat you provided the Doctor is confident that the young person understands the advice.
The young person's physical and mental health is likely to suffer unless he/she receives advice treatment.

GP of Your Choice

You can request to see either a male or female GP, you can always ask for a chaperone to accompany you. You can also bring a friend if you prefer.


If you would like to talk to a receptionist in private, please ask you will be able to talk to her away from the reception area.

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